Patients Know Best

A technology platform to bring together patient data into one secure personal health record

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About Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best or ‘PKB’ is a social enterprise and technology platform, designed to bring together patient data from health and social care providers and the patient’s own data, into one secure personal health record.

Patients can login to access everything from appointment letters and test results, to their multi-disciplinary care plans. To empower patients to play an active role in their health and wellbeing, they can also use specially designed tools to monitor and track their health condition.

PKB is integrated with our Patient Hub. Together, these platforms help NHS Trusts to reduce costs, optimise clinic performance and improve patient outcomes and experience. Patients can book or reschedule appointments via Patient Hub and, at the same time, click through to seamlessly access their personal health record. Here, they can view their care plan or their latest test results.

It makes a seamless patient experience and increases organisational uptake of digital services.



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