Accelerate processes using powerful AI

Unlock the full potential of data and workflow automation using AI. You’ll improve productivity and stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving business landscape.

Switch your processes into the fast lane

In today’s data-driven world, organisations often struggle to unlock the full business potential of their data because of legacy and siloed systems. Traditional methods of data extraction and analysis can be slow, expensive and inefficient. But our Liberty platform empowers professional developers and business users to harness the power of AI when creating applications and building automated workflows. Suddenly, new opportunities open up to improve productivity.

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Accelerate operations

Streamline workflows with tools and capabilities designed to automate processes

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Optimise outcomes

Drive timely, intelligent decisions by letting AI analyse your data at speed

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Remove silos

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and data sources

Work smarter, respond faster with AI

The Liberty platform makes the power of AI easily accessible within low-code application development and robotic process automation. You’ll get a suite of tools to automate processes, build applications, and make data-driven decisions with ease – making our AI perfect for a wide range of industries and use cases.

Professional developers and business users can incorporate pre-trained and custom machine learning into apps and automation flows

Deploy and optimise without complexities that would require a data science team

Exploit powerful computer vision, optical character recognition and natural language capabilities to harness unstructured data

“It’s changed the behaviour of the bank – from operating predominantly manual processes, into being digitally orientated and process efficient.”

Russ Fitzgerald

CIO, Hampshire Trust Bank

How to move your process automation up another gear

Improve and automate decision-making

Enable AI-powered predictions and then embed them within low-code applications and RPA flows.

Gain actionable data-driven insights

Minimize dependence on costly data science teams, expand data analytics capabilities and use insights to drive steps in applications and process flows.

Ensure data security and compliance

Trust in the stability and security of our platform as your AI strategy evolves. We guarantee consistent performance and reliability.

Seamless AI integration

Discover the impact of business-ready AI within Liberty platform

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