Liberty AI

Pre-trained and custom machine learning models

Liberty AI is our machine learning (ML) solution that provides richer insights to your data, allows you to predict outcomes and improves business decision making.

Build your own local ML data models – FAST
Tap into your vast data resources and gain richer insights to them by using them to build machine learning data models that can predict future outcomes. Using your data means greater accuracy with freedom from outside biases, without the need to send your data elsewhere.
Benefit from pre-trained ML models
Utilise standardised off-the-shelf machine learning models to provide capabilities including sentiment analysis, entity extraction and key-phrase extraction with more to come in the future.
Improve and automate decision making
Feed the predictions from your machine learning models directly into apps built in Liberty Create and process flows built with Liberty RPA. Pre-empt exception issues and take corrective action to improve processes and automate decision making.
Drive lower costs and improved customer experiences
Liberty AI further enhances the effectiveness of your automation solutions. It drives down costs, increases capacity and delivers enhanced customer experiences at scale right across the enterprise.
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Liberty AI enables us to generate value out of data, which is an often-untapped large potential in most organisations.
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When we use customer data for predictions, we are able to achieve the ultimate goal: predict customer demands and needs and deliver the information at the right time and place through automated processes.

Use cases

Discover how some of our customers are using Liberty AI and ML to deliver better outcomes.

Healthcare Missed Appointments

Use AI to predict the likelihood of a patient attending a given appointment time. If that falls below a certain threshold (e.g. 85%), automatically suggest a better appointment time, to increase the likelihood of attending the appointment.

 Local Government: Council Tax

Use AI to profile council tax payers and proactively offer additional assistance to vulnerable citizens and those struggling to meet their bills. Provide assistance before issues become serious. 

 Housing and Tenants: Rent Arrears and preventative maintenance

Use AI to profile tenants and properties to predict the likelihood of them falling into rent arrears and where preventative maintenance should be carried out. Provide assistance before issues become serious. 

Sales and marketing

Use AI to predict value of leads from different sources and the impact of promotions and pricing – help focus spending in the right areas. Identify opportunities at risk where additional effort may be required.

Customer service

Enhance service and resource management by using AI to predict the demand in the contact centre and other areas to ensure staff are deployed in the most effective way.


Use AI to enhance fraud detection procedures and identify customers who may struggle to pay their bills on time.

Customer management

Use AI to get early indications of those customers likely to renew and those who aren’t. Use this information to address churn before it happens.

Human resources

Use AI to look at employee performance and historical data to predict those likely to leave, so you can address any issues early.

Existing applications and flows

Your current Liberty Create and RPA solutions will benefit from predictive analytics driving automated decision making. Without the need for a data-science team.

Key features

Liberty AI helps you make complex decisions simple. Quickly adopt AI and reap the benefits.
Liberty AI makes it easy to analyse data and act on rich customer insights.

Custom ML models

Build your own models locally with the historical data you possess. Liberty AI will train prediction models you can use to drive your process automation requirements.

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  • Gain value our of your data
  • Build and train models locally
  • Choose the types of model to build
  • Understand factors influencing performance

Pre-trained models

Take advantage of existing pre-trained models to exploit AI in your processes.

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  • Sentiment analysis
  • Entity extraction
  • Key-phrase extraction
  • Additional models

Explainable AI

Scale up the possibilities of machine learning models without the complexity of a data science team. And when you’re ready, Liberty AI gives you a peek into how it’s reaching its conclusions.

Read the feature sheet
  • ML model types
  • Training and testing
  • Publishing results
  • Balancing accuracy and speed

Prescriptive analytics

Deliver the predictions from your machine learning models in Liberty Create and Liberty RPA and use them to power the next steps in your automation processes.

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An online space for those involved in the design, modelling and implementation of low-code. So rather than making a fresh start on every new application, Liberty customers can tap into work already engineered by other customers and Netcall itself.

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  • Applications library
  • Free of charge to platform users
  • Access to hundreds of resources
  • Share best practice in the forum
  • Suggest new ideas, vote for your favourite features
  • Events
  • Support portal access

See Liberty in action

Watch this short 2 minute video below to see our machine learning solution, Liberty AI, in action.


AI for you

Liberty AI equips your teams with insights that help deliver improved process performance, additional capacity and enhanced customer experiences.

Your enterprise has amassed a vast quantity of data. This data contains valuable insights, imagine if only you can tap into it. Traditionally, that’s only been possible using expensive, slow and complex data science teams and tools. Liberty AI opens up enormous possibilities to scale up and understand your data in every area right across the enterprise. From sales and marketing to customer service. From production to finance. AI automation drives insights and actions across every area of your enterprise.
IT Director
The potential for using AI with your data is enormous. You’re already likely to be using AI in some areas. Liberty AI makes machine learning (ML) models easier-to-access and use than ever before. If you already use Liberty Create and/or Liberty RPA you already have everything you need to take advantage of Liberty AI. Data models are trained locally on your Liberty Controller without you needing to share data externally. And no additional third-party software licenses are required. It’s all built in to the Liberty Platform.
Business Manager
You’re ready to take your business modelling to the next step with the power of machine learning (ML). Now you’ll be able to predict outcomes and plan for them in advance. You can identify new opportunities, potential problem areas and plan for early intervention to deliver the most effective approach to each. Objective, independent information to help drive your decision making is now available from the data you already possess. Liberty AI helps improve the effectiveness of your teams, enabling them to eliminate wastage and unnecessary cost, improve capacity and better customer service.
You’re already building powerful applications or automating processes with RPA and other tools. Now you can feed the power of AI into your apps and process flows to make them even smarter. You don’t even need to be a data scientist to use the tools (although we can provide you the insight into how they’re making their decisions). Ultimately you can use that intelligence to improve your automations further through the insights Ai can provide. Take your applications and process flows to the next level with Liberty AI.

AI-powered Automation & Customer Engagement

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of AI-powered automation & customer engagement solutions that lets you manage and improve your customer experience, effortlessly. Take a look at what else is in our toolbox.

Liberty Create
Liberty Create:
Low-code platform
Dream it, Build it. Build almost any app you can dream up. It’s tailor-made for citizen developers but includes all the functionality that seasoned pros rely on. 
Liberty RPA
Liberty RPA:
Robotic process automation
Free-up people.
Use software robots to increase accuracy, quality and scalability while reducing human error. 
Liberty Connect
Liberty Connect:
Conversational messaging
Go digital. Exchange messages with your customers over almost any digital channel, and add chat bots to your comms stack.
Liberty Converse
Liberty Converse:
Contact centre solution
Unite and optimise. Track and improve agent performance and connect all your communications channels in one feed. This is the tech that made us famous.