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Microsoft Teams and Liberty

Help your teams deliver a better customer experience using the collaboration and CX tools they know and love. As a certified Gold Microsoft Partner for over 12 years, we’ve got you covered.

When the nation went into lockdown, offices were quickly emptied and entire businesses were suddenly forced to operate remotely. Adopting a range of online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom have become the norm simply to keep businesses going. For some, this meant increasing the usage of tools they already had in place. For others, it meant implementing them for the very first time.

  • Collaborate on building better processes
  • Give team members visibility of process status
  • Identify bottlenecks in customer requests

Microsoft Teams and our Liberty Platform offers the opportunity to improve productivity and future innovation. The good news is that Liberty Platform is (natively) integrated with Microsoft Teams. With a few clicks you can use Create, Converse and Connect with Teams to build better processes and enable first-class customer service.

  • Provide end-to-end customer journeys
  • Reduce time wasted and boost productivity
  • Move blockages along to provide smooth outcomes

Collaboration and agility for all

Deliver remarkable CX across your entire organisation with a truly collaborative approach. Netcall’s advanced integration with collaboration tool Microsoft Teams helps your contact centre manage omnichannel conversations and easily gain support from back-office experts and mobile or remote staff.

Make customers happy

On-demand resolutions, optimised deployment of skills and practical ways to redefine processes. Your reward for investing in CX is reduced complexity, improved operational efficiencies, better cost management and deeper client relationships.

More ways to be a team

An end-to-end customer experience resolves queries fast, is cost effective and releases valuable agent resource for other complex tasks. The native integration of the Liberty Platform with Microsoft Teams brings the front, middle and back office of CX delivery to the heart of your collaboration.

Come together

You’ll have effective contact centre control and rigour across all your customer channels. Your readiness to address queries from traditional and online social channels will increase. And you’ll be able to deploy and manage custom bots to fulfil self-service needs. As your collaborative CX maturity grows the integration provides a powerful process transforming environment.

Drive business change

The journey towards Collaborative CX accelerates as frontline agents multi-disciplinary teams work naturally within the Liberty-Teams integration to understand contact centre performance, the impact of process on enquires and share the ability to flexibly transform your processes now and in the future. You’ll drive real business change with improving customer satisfaction and productivity gains.

Up productivity by 30%
Online collaboration tools and digital workspaces facilitate increased productivity by up to 30% (McKinsey)

Unlock the potential of Microsoft Teams and Netcall Liberty

Seamless collaboration
Everyone wins as back and front office work together to deliver first-class customer service. It’s easy to use, set-up and maintain.
Real-time reporting
Design exactly the reports you need for display or email, and download the data to your BI tool.

End-to-end journey
Create tailored processes using the magic of our low-code. You’ll deliver amazing CX every time.  
Standardised omnichannel handling
Enable teams within the business to collaborate on building better processes that will enable them to deliver first-class customer service.

Anywhere working
Agents can work from anywhere on any device. Supervisor support, is only a simple button click away.  
Flexible tailored self-service
Craft easy-to-use self-service on any channel. Use drag and drop IVR menus, class leading speech recognition, or deploy Web Assistants and Chatbots too. 

Use cases for the Liberty Platform and Microsoft Teams

trigger processes and monitor in your teams environment

Triggering processes and notifying staff via Teams

Integrating your contact centre with teams to streamline agent experience

Streamline the agent experience to deliver better CX

We’ve been a Gold Microsoft Partner for over 12 years. Combining Microsoft Teams and Netcall Liberty can boost your team’s productivity and dramatically improve your customer experience performance.

Microsoft Teams and Netcall Liberty feature sheet

Find out how to maximise your Microsoft Teams investment.

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Liberty Create users

Read more about how Liberty Create and Microsoft Teams combine in our feature sheet.

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