Our robotic process automation solution

Liberty RPA

AI-powered robotic process automation that frees-up people from mundane and cumbersome repetitive tasks and enables them to be more productive.




We make process automation robust and reliable. How? Unlike standard RPA tools which rely on fragile methods of data capture which easily break, we use computer vision and other AI techniques. These reduces failures, support and management costs and widen the scope of automation that can be addressed.

For business and IT users

The power of RPA comes from putting it in the hands of everyone. With simple drag-and-drop techniques in RPA Studio, we can make it easy enough for anyone to create their own automations. For IT, the full power of RPA can be unleashed through our Code Studio.


Integrated with Liberty Create

Liberty RPA perfectly complements Liberty Create, our leading low-code platform. Bringing them together allows a wider range of process automation than either type of solution could deliver individually. Even greater returns for organisations at a lower cost.

Easy integration

Out-of-the-box, RPA Studio offers a set of standard activities for robust control of web browsers and standard applications including Microsoft Office, SAP and others. In addition, it extends integration options for Liberty Create to systems without their own APIs.

Easy robotic automation

Build and automate processes faster with Liberty RPA

The speed and accuracy of the robot doctor’s work rate cannot be replicated by a human. Thanks to this automation technology, members of staff have been able to work on other tasks which benefit their experience and bring greater benefits to patients.
I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without Liberty RPA. We wouldn’t have been able to deal with the re-seating until the regulations were announced – now, with the robot, we can prepare for the future without spending a lot of money.

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