Liberty RPA

AI-powered robotic process automation (RPA)

Liberty RPA is our AI-powered robotic process automation that frees-up people from mundane and cumbersome repetitive tasks and enables them to be more productive.

Evolve productivity and morale
Robots are quite happy to do repetitive tasks that their human colleagues find boring and time consuming. Save time and money by giving your people software robotic process automation assistance to complete tasks quicker. Then they can focus on more fulfilling work while your business processes are automated.
Boost efficiency and accuracy
Unlike humans, robots can work 24/7/365 on mundane tasks, without burning out or losing attention. They can also perform tasks 15 times faster and with laser-focussed accuracy.
Increase security and compliance
Robots work within a controlled environment, reducing the risk of data leaking from one system to another. Data accesses are also documented, so robotic process automation ensures watertight compliance.
Improve customer service
Remove routine admin tasks from your customer facing teams so they can spend more time attending your customers. A post call wrap data entry task can take several minutes – increase efficiency and get your contact centre agents on the next call.
Keep your IT infrastructure intact
Your software robots interact with your legacy existing systems at the ‘user’ layer, so there is no disruption or interruption to your IT environment. Our RPA software is easy to set up, needs no technical expertise and can make legacy systems more responsive.
Find unparalleled scalability
Intelligent process automation processes can be duplicated and programmed differently to accomplish different tasks. Mix this with Machine Learning (ML) and AI capability and you have scalability that far exceeds human ability.

Our customers

Take a look at how some of our customers are using Liberty RPA to solve process issues to help deliver exceptional customer experiences every day.

ATS Euromaster

Improving employee experience with RPA – Freeing up staff and overcoming manual processes with robotic process automation at ATS Euromaster.

maria middelares

This Belgian hospital expanded their use of RPA to address a critical clinical need, to check patient criteria after staying in hospital and dispense the correct prescription medication.


Sportpaleis Group relied upon robotic process automation from Liberty RPA to re-allocate tickets at rescheduled events after lockdown.

Key features

Liberty RPA technology will help you automate tasks and deliver outstanding customer experiences across every engagement.

RPA Studio

Our RPA tools make it easy for professional developers and business users alike to quickly build process flows with robotic process automation.

  • Drag-and-drop activities
  • Easy-to-follow flows
  • 300+ activities
  • Automate any on-screen process
  • Extensible flows and sub-flows


Robotic process automation with built-in AI capabilities to download and run locally by the software robot to enhance the power and resilience of process flows.

  • Computer vision techniques
  • Optical character recognition – read and action
  • Natural language processing
  • Handwriting digit recognition

Central management

Manage apps, flows, jobs and robots from one secure, central place in our Liberty RPA Controller.

  • Prioritise, schedule and place flows into a queue
  • Robots pick up and process flows in an unattended fashion
  • Manually start attended bots from your desktop
  • Robots have secure, monitored system access
  • Detailed logs and audit trails
  • Performance monitoring

Intelligent Automation

Automate processes at scale across your organisation when you combine with Liberty Create our low-code solution.

  • Automate a wide range of processes
  • Integrate with many systems
  • Call robot from a ‘Rules’ engine when required
  • Initiate using APIs


Rather than start every new process flow from scratch, benefit from work carried out by other customers and Netcall. Our Community has a library of resources for you to tap into.

  • Library of applications
  • Free of charge to platform users
  • Several hundred resources available
  • Forum area for sharing best practice
  • Feature voting area for suggestion of new ideas
  • Regular events
  • Access to the Support Portal

See Liberty in action

Watch this short 2 minute video below to see our robotic process applications solution, Liberty RPA, in action.


Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have shared with us about how Liberty RPA is helping them to quickly automate processes.

We believe in RPA. And with Netcall’s support, it’s been easier to get going and bring it to life. It’s been really important that we’re now able to utilise our team’s time in a much more productive and effective way – the time saving and quality of life improvement is the critical factor.
The speed and accuracy of the robot doctor’s work rate cannot be replicated by a human. Thanks to this automation technology, members of staff have been able to work on other tasks which benefit their experience and bring greater benefits to patients.
I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without Liberty RPA. We wouldn’t have been able to deal with the re-seating until the regulations were announced – now, with the robot, we can prepare for the future without spending a lot of money.

RPA for you

Liberty RPA helps you increase accuracy, quality and scalability while reducing human error. 

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AI-powered Automation & Customer Engagement

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of customer engagement and intelligent automation solutions that lets you manage and improve your customer experience, effortlessly. Take a look at what else is in our toolbox.

Liberty Create:
Low-code platform
Dream it, Build it. Build almost any app you can dream up. It’s tailor-made for citizen developers but includes all the functionality that seasoned pros rely on. 
Liberty RPA:
Robotic process automation
Free-up people.
Use software robots to increase accuracy, quality and scalability while reducing human error. 
Liberty Connect:
Conversational messaging
Go digital. Exchange messages with your customers over almost any digital channel, and add chat bots to your comms stack.
Liberty Converse:
Contact centre solution
Unite and optimise. Track and improve agent performance and connect all your communications channels in one feed. This is the tech that made us famous.