Liberty RPA

Central management

The Liberty Controller is your central point-of-management for Create and RPA. Here you will find all of the security, management and governance controls for the platform. This is where you manage RPA bots, jobs and processes and see detailed reports on how they’re performing.

Manage your software robots
Software robots, process flows and their execution (jobs) can be managed centrally from the Controller. This is done right next to managing applications within Liberty Create if you use that platform too. Every aspect of the execution of processes are managed here including how workload is shared across the estate, the relative priority of different jobs and how both unattended and attended bots are managed and secured.
Link your robots to your Create apps
By combining RPA with Liberty Create a far wider set of processes can be automated. A robot can read data from a Liberty Create table directly into an object that it can manipulate as part of a process flow. Bots are an ideal way to simplify data integration between Liberty Create and legacy apps and they are able to be initiated directly from rules within a Liberty Create app. Data is easily passed back to Liberty Create objects too. Combining the power of RPA with Liberty Create makes it faster and easier than ever to not only automate, but to reengineer processes to meet the needs of the enterprise at scale.
Liberty Controller Central Management screenshot

Key features

RPA Bot management Icon
Bot management
Here you centrally manage your robots and assign them processes or flows to run.
RPA Process management Icon
Process management
Manage how process flows are queued so that the workload is divided intelligently across one or more bots.
RPA Event reporting Icon
Event reporting
Every detail of the actions robots perform are logged to provide a complete audit trail.
RPA Version control Icon
Version control
Keep track of different versions of flows including the ability to revert to previous versions if necessary.
RPA Reporting Icon
See how jobs are performing, view logs, rerun jobs and setup notifications for job status.
RPA Credential management Icon
Credential management
A central secure vault is provided to hold the credentials robots need to access systems involved in process flows.