Liberty RPA


RPA Studio lets you build flows interactively on-screen. If you are able to describe the process, you can build it. It’s easy for anyone to use – business people and IT alike.

Drag and drop your process flows
RPA Studio allows you to drag-and-drop activities from the side-bar to build your process flows on screen. There are more than 300 activities in 33 groups from file management and folder manipulation through to Microsoft Office and SAP integration. Dragging an activity adds an on-screen ‘node’ to the process flow and by connecting them together, you can build the process to automate.

Special nodes are available for making decisions and adding process loops. Test your flows in RPA Studio and the console provides detailed information on its execution. There’s even a variable explorer to show value assigned to variables at any point in the flow. Once complete you upload your flow to the Controller and start it using a schedule or another trigger such as sending an email or calling an API.
RPA Studio AI controls
The activities provided let you interact directly with a number of applications including the Chrome browser and Office apps. However, any other application can be manipulated directly using keyboard and mouse controls. This is made easier and more powerful through the use of RPA Wand, our computer vision and OCR technology.

Wand can ‘read’ what’s on a screen and directly interact with and manipulate items. It can identify on-screen elements such as program icons, search bars and other controls. It can even wait for items to appear or disappear as part of the process flow. Together these controls in RPA Studio ensure you interact and control any application as if a person was sat at a screen operating it directly. It ensures that process flows are run reliably and copes even when icons move around the screen.
RPA Studio Screenshot

Key features

More than 300 activities to build your process flows. These encompass everything from sending an email in Outlook, entering items directly into SAP and triggering APIs in a Liberty Create app.
RPA Variable explorer
Variable explorer
Liberty Create variables capture data and use it as the flow progresses. Variable explorer allows you to examine any variable at every stage of a process flow.
RPA Special nodes Icon
Special nodes
These allow the creation of loops and decisions within the flows. For pro developers, you can also include Python script for custom execution through a process flow.
RPA Console
The integrated command line allows you to write and debug Python code in the same environment where the activities are performed. Information is shown here and exceptions are raised in a way that familiar for seasoned Python coders. 
Flows can be run in their entirety, step-by-step process (where the flow waits for a user to progress through each step), or just a single step. A popup will show the progress and current step of the flow and the variable explorer helps with debugging.
Flows can be built and reused within other flows. Flows can be built up using one or more sub-flows (which themselves can contain further sub-flows) to make it easier to create complex process automations.
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