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Revealing the 2021 App of the Year winner!

Our annual “App of the Year Awards” showcase the best of the best apps created by our customers in Liberty Create, our low-code platform. The achievements shared in this year’s applications were again of a high calibre and each application had different merits. It shows the outstanding work that is going on around the country using Liberty Create, which is making a huge difference to organisations, customers and communities.

Richard Billington, Netcall’s Chief Technology Officer, was part of the judging panel and also hosted the virtual awards ceremony, which was part of our annual What’s Next conference. You can watch the recording of the final below, where our three finalists (Cumbria County Council, DI BLUE and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust) share their apps and Richard announces the 2021 App of the Year winner!

DI BLUE blew us away with the scale of their application, the depth of functionality and the styling of the user interface. Through the My.FirstClimate app, customers can calculate their carbon footprint, reduce their future emissions and offset the remaining emissions. We were looking for the best of the best of applications built in Create and we found very worthy winners.
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We are thrilled to have been awarded the 2021 App of the Year for My.FirstClimate. We chose Liberty Create over an off-the-shelf e-commerce tool and it really is proving to be the next-gen low-code platform we were searching for. It’s much more than low-code – it enables businesses to build a connected, fast and agile digital platform to help companies to scale, innovate and deliver top-gun UX.
Netcall with Liberty Create and Converse have enabled a revolutionary culture change to rapidly deliver and continuing to improve customer focused services. Thanks for putting on a great event, we’re honoured to be finalists and will continue to push the boundaries of the platform.

Craig Barker, Senior Digital Service Design Officer at Cumbria County Council

Many thanks for the opportunity, it is good to be able to see what others are developing and also share the fantastic solution that we have to support the continued response to the pandemic.

Nick Masters, Pathology Support Manager at Royal Cornwall Hospital

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