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Clinigen Rolls Out Liberty Converse Contact Centre

Liberty Converse enables Clinigen to unite their teams, move to the cloud and deliver more effective, seamless experiences for customers.


  • Deployed in less than 8 weeks
  • Moved away from a PBX system to the cloud
  • Improved remote working options
  • Increased visibility and reporting
  • Improved employee experience and customer experience
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

Clinigen is a global, specialist pharmaceutical services and products platform focused on providing ethical access to medicines. Its mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. 

Priorities for effective CX

Clinigen has two primary UK office locations in Burton and in Weybridge, historically with separate customer service teams. The two locations were supported by different phone systems, which did not directly interact with each other. This caused workload, staff cover and cultural challenges.

Clinigen was looking for a contact centre solution to consolidate the systems and unite the teams to enable more effective, seamless experience for customers.

Having managed through nearly two years of remote working and forecasting potential increases in call volumes, another priority for Clinigen was to move away from a PBX system to the cloud. This would enable improved remote working options and increased visibility across the teams.

Netcall’s omnichannel contact centre, Liberty Converse, was chosen as the solution.

The roll out was very swift – from order to going live in less than 8 weeks.

Reporting for business planning

Now both customer service teams are united and using the same systems. The Switchboard / Reception Teams have also been brought into Liberty Converse, eliminating clunky, manual diversions for lunch cover and absences. This is working very well, and admin staff across the business are able to use the new system really quickly.

All the benefits of the cloud

Liberty Converse has proved hugely beneficial for remote working. Everything is now in the cloud, plus the integration between Converse and Microsoft Teams means that people are fully connected, so they can now work much more effectively. 

The ongoing technology roadmap

Telephony was a key priority for Clinigen, as part of its ongoing technology roadmap as they looked to increase agility and the ability to respond to changes in customer contact patterns. The Liberty Converse contact centre solution helped Clinigen to get through this efficiently.

The deployment was extremely smooth. The Netcall Team, met all of our requirements and it was all done quickly. The training was excellent and our teams have taken to it easily because it’s so intuitive. It has provided our customer facing teams with much more visibility, has improved morale and provided much more flexibility and opportunity to drive benefit to our overall customer experience.
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