Product Sheet – Confirmer

Effective incident handling when a serious event occurs – giving you the ability to act quickly.

When a serious event comes knocking at your door and you need to act quickly – seconds really can count. Effective incident handling means the difference between disorder and the successful outcome of any operational or safety challenge.

Originally designed for the NHS, Confirmer is our automated alert notification solution that will support your Covid-19 efforts. It swiftly manages the process of contacting people, gaining their response using all possible contact methods available – phone, pager, email or mobile – maximising reach while delivering your time-critical alert promptly.

Confirmer, a rapid, scalable, interactive messaging solution, enables you to face any emergency or routine incident with confidence. You can alert and check the status of large numbers of people promptly and efficiently.

You can read or download the full Confirmer Product sheet here.

Download Confirmer product sheet
Confirmer product sheet

Key features

  • Easy admin – contact details can be regularly synchronised ensuring up-to-date information is used
  • Compliance – allows organisations to conform to standards for contacting staff groups during major incidents
  • Maximum reach possible – using all available contact methods
  • Confidence – simulation mode enables regular testing, with reports to audit effectiveness
  • Flexibility – record messages in advance, tailor them as required or create as needed
  • Assurance – positive interaction means that management can have real-time updates on the status of individuals

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