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Building a culture of transformation

The use of low-code at Hertsmere Borough Council has caused a ripple effect throughout the council, with more and more departments coming forward to update their systems and processes.

Project highlights

  • Rapid reinvention of processes
  • Paper use vastly reduced
  • Savings in resource and time
  • Productivity improved

Hertsmere Borough Council represents a diverse collection of towns and 80% of its 39 square miles is greenbelt. With attractive living and easy access to London, it has a growing population and the majority of its residents are under 40 years old. Whilst relatively small, and with modest budgets, Hertsmere has big plans.

A catalyst for change

One of the initial drivers in Hertsmere’s digital evolution was their CRM system, which was more than 15 years old and approaching the supplier end of life.

Hertsmere wanted a system which they could develop themselves, without additional continuous supplier charges for changes. They wanted to be able to provide an online account for customers, to track case progress, enable interaction via email, SMS and online as well as via the phone.

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A low-code strategy

Low-code offered all the flexibility to do these things. The team at Hertsmere could see that low-code could give them end-to-end delivery and gradually move them from a paper based system to completely paper-free systems.

They went out to tender and considered a number of options before settling on Liberty Create, our low-code platform. The additional functionality and integration it offers was very appealing to Hertsmere, as well as a single user account, which would enable customers to access any council system.

We started with a waste application, which would cross over to environmental health and reporting fly-tipping. Low-code gave us flexibility, added functionality and enabled us to provide end-to-end delivery. Netcall’s Waste App, available in their AppShare, meant we could see it in action before we made our decision, and eventually made our build dramatically faster and easier.

Removing wasted time from the Waste System

Hertsmere’s first project with Liberty Create was a waste application. Their new system enables them to keep their customers informed via SMS after they have reported an issue. Take, for example, a missed bin collection. As soon the bin is dealt with, an email is fired out, telling the customer that it is completed.

Previously, at busy times, customers often made multiple contacts about one issue, creating call queues and some even making complaints that they couldn’t make contact. Now, customers don’t need to chase, because the council proactively updates the customer.

The removal of duplication has:

  • improved the speed of resolving issues
  • removed complaints
  • moved the department from a paper-based system to a fully electronic and agile process

This application was then adapted and extended to include street cleaning and trade bins as well as missed bin collections.

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A positive impact on jobs and staff

It was important to the team at Hertsmere to get staff buy-in on their new systems. The forward thinking approach was introduced by working together and mentoring. One of the Netcall team attended at the Hertsmere depot to meet the team and map out the process with them. The Environment team was also involved in signing off the plan and in testing on the test system.

That engagement meant that they could see the benefits and understand the plan. Together, the Hertsmere and Netcall teams explored the issues with the current system and showed how issues for staff would be eliminated. They could see how much time would be saved for their workloads and how much slicker their operations would become.

We’ve engaged with our team throughout the process, with guidance from Netcall. It’s been instrumental in changing the culture to a more agile electronic way of working. Our staff have gone from wary, to on-board, to super-keen. They want to implement each new system ASAP, supplying ideas and enthusiasm for each of the next projects.

A culture of transformation

There has been a ripple effect throughout the council, with more and more departments coming forward to update their systems and processes.

The culture has changed. By moving from an old fashioned, paper-based system to a more agile electronic system, it has bought our staff on the journey. The Create platform is future flexible and also provides an opportunity for us to upskill several of our team members. Plus the beauty of the AppShare means we can share applications with other councils, making development faster than we could have ever imagined.

Lee Gallagher, Customer Services & Digital Transformation Manager

The next projects on Hertsmere’s agenda are revolutionising their complaints process, freedom of information requests and replacing their e-forms package with a low-code system.

Hertsmere are also fully engaging with Netcall’s Community and AppShare, understanding the advantages that they can gain by sharing with other councils. They are happy to share all the processes that they are building with other councils across the country.

But most importantly, they have benefitted from contact and discussion with other low-code users and have been able to download apps for processes that are similar to theirs.

It speeds up their build time even more as they can start with an accelerator from the AppShare which is 80% finished, leaving them to tweak to their own processes and branding. 

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