Partner Interview

DI BLUE – A Collaborative Partnership with Netcall

How partnering with Netcall is enabling DI BLUE to revolutionise their business

How the Liberty Platform helps DI BLUE to build software for their customers, solving customer experience headaches

European-based software consultancy company, DI BLUE, partnered with Netcall in 2021 to allow their European customer base to benefit from our low-code and automation capabilities. Less than a year later, they delivered the My.FirstClimate carbon offsetting app which won the coveted Netcall App of the Year award.

The Liberty Create low-code platform enables DI BLUE to build scalable, interoperable, digital products and services, all designed to improve process flow and provide a great customer experience. But more than that, the relationship, alongside the Liberty Platform, has enabled DI Blue to re-define their business strategy.

We were delighted to speak to the team at DI BLUE about their collaborative partnership with Netcall.

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The product is just fantastic. The difference here is made by the people and the company behind the product. They are allowing us to change our business into something else – from a consulting company to being more focused on delivering solutions. That’s a real gift.

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