Feature Sheet: COVID-19 low-code apps for
Public sector

Your organisation can immediately benefit from sharing COVID-19 public sector apps that are low-code accelerators, even if you don’t have Liberty Create low-code.

We pay tribute to the tireless efforts of our Local Government low-code community. Responding rapidly, they’ve developed applications to support their communities and staff through the COVID-19 event. We are a sharing community, and so we’re making it fast, easy and low-cost for any Council who needs these emergency COVID-19 public sector apps, to get them.

From spreadsheets to digital

This COVID-19 public sector low-code apps package is especially designed to help non-Netcall low-code users. You can benefit from the shared expertise of peers and jumpstart your COVID-19 response.

The package includes:

  • Download and use of the COVID-19 application sub-set by your organisation
  • The environment and apps will be set-up by our Solutions Architects for your teams. No initial build experience is needed
  • Free e-learning is available on-line at any time. This will enable your digital teams to grow their skills to make changes or even create their own apps
  • Your team will be assigned a mentor, so they are not going it alone

You can read or download the full COVID-19 low-code apps for public sector feature sheet here.

Get COVID-19 low-code apps for public sector feature sheet

Key features

  • Self-service pages in GDS design
  • Working applications for you to improve
  • In-house quality review
  • Free to use AppShare
  • Easily transition to full platform use

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