Feature Sheet 10 February 2020

Health Switchboard

Making it easier for patients and staff to get in touch.


Take patients off hold
Patients understand that hospitals are busy places but no
one wants to sit on hold for thirty minutes just to ask a simple
question. And priority calls need to be immediately directed.
Netcall’s Liberty Converse offers Hospitals a health switchboard and unique call
handling combination to do both.

You can read or download the full Health Switchboard feature sheet here.

Get The health switchboard from Liberty Converse feature sheet
The greatest saving has been that we haven't increased the number of operators despite increasing call volumes
  • No more expensive console maintenance
  • Identify priority calls
  • One view, one log-on
  • Full visibility and easy function keys
  • ‘Click to dial’ outbound calling
  • ‘Camp on’ releases operators to the next call
  • Bleeps for Medical staff

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