Feature Sheet – Patient Hub Result

A proactive messaging solution for COVID-19 test results.

It’s an uncertain time and anxious patients call constantly about their test results. Their demands add to the stress on your front-line teams. Increased testing will only add to this burden.

Take the stress away from your front-line teams.

Result updates them as their test outcomes move from pending to negative or positive or ‘yes you have had it’. The hospital can add documents for reading and download or enable a call back to the booking centre.

Result is cloud-based and can be deployed quickly as a stand-alone or as part of Patient Hub.

You can read or download the full Patient Hub Result feature sheet here.

A proactive messaging solution
A proactive messaging solution for COVID-19 test results for NHS Trusts
COVID-19 repsonse at Cumbria County Council
  • This solution sends an SMS to patients
  • They use the link provided to open their results
  • Their data is secured with Two-Factor Authentication
  • The patients then see each step in the progress of their test results.

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