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Gartner Summit Harnessing the power of low-code to drive transformative CX at Aon

Recorded: Thursday 17th June 2021

Aon speaker session – watch on demand

At the recent Gartner Application Innovation and Business Solutions Summit, we spoke to Netcall customer, Aon about the role of Liberty Create low-code in transforming customer experience.

Paul Brotzel, Global CIO, and Hugo Wegbrans, Global Chief Broking Officer, spoke about how there is now greater collaboration between business and IT, enabling delivery at a global scale with a fast, flexible approach.

They also explained:

  • the challenges faced by Aon in delivering a global transformation project
  • how business and IT have worked together to achieve success
  • advice for anyone embarking on a similar journey, including key lessons learned

Hear about their low-code journey as they offer practical guidance and considerations for other organisations starting out on a transformation journey.

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harnessing the power of low-code to drive transformative customer experience at Aon

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Liberty Create is a low-code platform that equips IT professionals to build faster and better. This means your development team can be more responsive, build successes quickly and clear your application backlog.

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