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Confidently facing a digital future

Harborough District Council is on a fast-paced journey to embrace digital and remove any legacy systems.

Project highlights

  • One platform, two solid foundations, in three months
  • Built a framework for future success
  • Replaced legacy CRM
  • Easy integration with third parties

A digital future

Harborough District Council is on a fast-paced journey to embrace technology and remove legacy systems. In just 12 months, they rewrote services, replaced their legacy CRM and looked at how to respond to new Central Government planning requirements with a flexible digital solution.

This team used a low-code platform as a council-wide digital foundation to redesign and automate resident journeys. Using real-time intelligence, they have enhanced friction-free case management and improved customer experience.

Improving CX while driving down costs
for Garden Waste Subscriptions

From this…

Manual processes making the CX journey difficult

…to this

View of automated, integrated processes

Rapid start, already delivering results

The project kicked off before Christmas 2020. In three months, it created a good foundation for two significant business areas; Waste Services and the new digital strategic planning solution.

Integrations are in place to Capita payments, Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and their third-party waste contractor.

Integrations include:

  • Capita payments
  • Local and Property Gazetteer
  • Third-party waste contractor

Garden waste delivery at exceptional speed

A team effort delivered the go-live of garden waste in mid-February. The Harborough team worked alongside the Netcall design team. They used low-code build mentoring as an opportunity to ensure that their future processes had a master plan.

Harborough uses a third-party waste contractor. The API that integrates with this business enables rapid two-way data for all shared waste services. Harborough residents requests pass seamlessly to the contractor. There is no longer a need for any council service support. But, if there is any query, the customer services team are fully informed with real-time reporting.

Fast integration

Various waste services need payment. Currently, Harborough uses Capita for payments. The Netcall team’s skills and experience supported Harborough to navigate this integration. It’s the fastest ever achieved according to the third-party technical specialist! And, any future processes can use this payment option.

Urgently moving into 2021
Like other district councils, there was a hesitancy around moving to online services. This digital team is helping the council grow its confidence. With the recent massive increase in online subscriptions, the staff are ready to adopt new ways of working. The use of accessibility standards, and government digital service (GDS) styling, supports management compliance goals and a council digital future.
From the initial implementation to the launch of our first service was really fast. Unlike previous rollouts of new services where we had ‘soft’ launches and training programmes that took several weeks, Netcall enabled the customer services advisors to become confident and efficient with the system in a few days.

Making it easy and fast for advisors

Historically when implementing a new service or process, customer services advisors would undertake a programme of training. This time, implementation was fast and easy due to staff and customers using the same intuitive system, and therefore minimal training was required.

Harborough now has ‘access’ to back office systems. This also enables the advisors to see real-time data, which helps keeps everyone informed and provides excellence customer services.

Flexible, agile and future-fit

Since the go-live of garden waste, the Harborough in-house team has been able to make changes needed to the process flows. For example, many residents still use cheques and recording cheque payments were not part of the initial spec. The team are trained on Liberty Create, so it’s fast and easy for them to update the flows. This onward system development success was a real boost to their confidence. Using the flexibility of Liberty Create, the in-house team can adapt and respond with design improvements. The team is also able to flexibly pivot to meet any unexpected demand changes.

Team goal
This team’s goal is to use customer intelligence to drive digital engagement and increase the sign-up for the portal. Using the online account, the council digital future is to grow its relationship with residents. They’ll increase dialogue and interaction by sending useful messages about relevant services.
We are always looking at ways to continually improve how we deliver services to our customers – along with balancing service improvements with cost and efficiency – Netcall will help us achieve this. With the support provided by Netcall through their mentoring package we have been able to build a framework for future success. It has given us a solid ‘master plan’ to refer too when building new services. We have a lot of work ahead and I am confident that Netcall will enable us to continually build on our ‘digital future’ for our customers.
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