Liberty Create & Liberty RPA

Intelligent Automation for the London Market

Digital-first process automation to remove friction and improve efficiency

Making the complex simple for the London Market

Across the London Market we understand that smooth, unfettered access to good quality data is key in driving down costs and reducing the expense ratio for your business.

Automating processes helps reduce friction in data exchange across and through the value chain by removing manual processes such as re-keying. Creating new applications simplifies processes including those that need to integrate with legacy systems, to give a single version of the truth.

Our Liberty Create and Liberty RPA solutions equip companies across the London Market to automate processes quickly and easily, through new applications and process flows.

In this feature sheet, we explain how intelligent automation enables you to automate processes that make the complex, simple.

Read the full Intelligent Automation for the London Market feature sheet.

Get intelligent automation for the London Market

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The current complexity of the London Market is not sustainable as it’s expensive to run. Unless the 40% acquisition cost dramatically reduces, there simply isn’t enough for every participant to survive. The good news is that change is already happening with the blueprint, but a lot still needs to be done.

Low-code is the easiest way to develop business applications, fast.

It’s essentially process automation on steroids. You map the process you want to create – including steps, actions and end points – and the software takes care of the rest. And once you have your app, you can test, refine and improve it on an ongoing basis.

That means you can turn your vision into a reality, fast. You just plan out a process in a flowchart and the computer automates it for you.