Category 10 December 2019

Introducing our Liberty Platform


An all-in-one customer experience platform that lets you make huge, transformational changes, fast.

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of low-code and contact centre solutions that lets you manage and improve your customer experience, effortlessly. Watch the video to find out more.


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Despite routinely sending appointment reminder letters to patients, there was no process for patients to confirm whether they were attending or not. The poor DNA rates equated to over 30,000 missed appointments per year and a cost more than £2.8 million, every single year. Find out how Ipswich Hospital turned this around.


Dave Downes, Senior Business Consultant at iESE joins Simon Pike, Market Solution Specialist at Netcall to discuss how to redesign council services with customer outcomes in mind. They discuss whether digital by default is always the right answer, how to make things easy for customers and how to make any change successful.