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Digital transformation for COVID-19 and the ‘new normal’

Released: 11th May 2020

NHS webinar series available on-demand

The NHS faces a huge challenge. How will it continue to deliver services during unprecedented times? This webinar series showcases the stories of some of our forward-thinking customers. Learn how they’re delivering digital change, fast, while also reducing the burden on frontline workers.

Responding to COVID-19 pressure remains essential and a ‘new normal’ lies ahead. New ways of working will make all the difference as teams balance resources and patient care.

Joining this series as guest speakers, NHS innovators Ian Hazel and Graham Gault share their experiences of implementing digital change, which they’ve done during the pandemic. Click the plus symbol for an overview of each session and sign-up using the form to the right.

Webinar 1: Chesterfield makes ‘Attend Anywhere’ a reality with Patient Hub

Hear from Ian Hazel, Director of ICT & Infrastructure.

Hear from Ian Hazel, Director of ICT & Infrastructure.

Telling patients about their digital appointments, and making it easy for them to attend is tricky. Sending them a letter means they have to retype a long URL. Patients who receive an SMS with an unknown link, may think its spam.

Instead, it makes sense to send patients to a secure portal where they get all their appointment information in one place.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust faced this very challenge. And for urgent appointments such as oncology, a letter wasn’t going to work. Ian Hazel, Director of ICT & Infrastructure will explain why they use Patient Hub to help patients manage all their appointments.

In this webinar we will share how:

  • Patients’ data is secured by two-factor authentication
  • Patients can confirm, rebook or cancel video or on-site appointments
  • The ‘Attend Anywhere’ video link opens from within their portal
  • All data is available to the Bookings Team in real-time

If you are considering using Attend Anywhere (‘Near Me’), Microsoft Teams or any other video, this webinar is a must-see. It will show how your patients are able to manage their on-site and digital appointments in a single portal.

Make it easy for patients to attend, in any circumstance, with Patient Hub.

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Webinar 2: In the eye of the storm: NHS Dumfries and Galloway deliver secure COVID-19 results, fast.

Hear from Graham Gault, General Manager ICT

Hear from Graham Gault, General Manager ICT

Testing is a big part of how we will defeat COVID-19. At targets of 100,000 or more daily tests, it’s a burden. The test admin is unavoidably labour intensive. Consider the benefit of secure and automated test results.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway knew it would need a system in place to deliver test results quickly and securely. They anticipated that as testing increases, staff and patients would be anxious to receive their COVID-19 results and that this would lead to an increased number of calls to frontline staff.

Graham Gault, General Manager ICT will explain how Patient Hub Results “delivers impressive outcomes as it helps reduce the burden on our frontline workers, whilst providing an exceptional and streamlined user experience for our patients”.

In this webinar we’ll share two critical solutions, first you will see how:

  • Patients and staff receive a link to a secure portal for their results
  • Test progress is monitored
  • The hospital is able to share appropriate information at each testing stage

Then we follow with Who’s On, an app that helps you manage the new complexity of staff attendance. Previously HR rules about absence were clear-cut, now things have changed.

The app shows you who is unwell, isolating or available. And it helps you understand which locations are most affected in real-time.

The user interface makes it easy for staff to quickly inform their managers of their status. Managers have real-time data and geo-location views to help them adjust their planning.

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Patient Hub – Your Patient Engagement Portal

Enable patients to self-serve with their appointments, with our NHS login approved patient portal. Increase capacity across the trust, optimise clinical utilisation and reduce your waiting lists.