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Automated results service to free staff time

Project highlights:

  • Nurses have more time to provide improved patient care 
  • Callers use a dedicated line to hear results of recent medical tests 
  • Only 3% of calls are now handled by nurses

Tackling an unbearable call load

The Lauriston GUM Clinic (Genito-Urinary Medicine) in Edinburgh was totally overwhelmed by calls. People wanted to know the results of their recent tests, often before they were available. It was vital for the Clinic to streamline their call handling service so they could provide better patient care. 

The Clinic phones could only be answered for only two hours on each weekday afternoon. During those two hours, the call load was intolerable. Plus, it was taking up valuable trained nurse time to answer the calls and read out negative patient results. It also meant that, there was not enough time to offer guidance and advice to those with positive test results.

Confidentiality, convenience and increasing nurse time

Result is a feature of Liberty Converse, Netcall’s omnichannel contact centre and chatbot solution. This automated results capability has been deployed at the Lauriston GUM Clinic at NHS Lothian. It enables patients to ring a number to find out about results of any recent medical tests. 

Almost all patients now receive their results in this way, with only a small number of patients still getting results by post. 

Result takes care of all the key requirements of patient confidentiality

It is convenient and private for callers because the service is available 24/7, from any phone. 

Most importantly, the Clinic nurses have been released from the phones as 97% of calls are handled solely by Result. Their time is better spent with patients and supporting callers with positive test results.  

Less than 3% of calls need nurse intervention

Result now handles all calls to the Clinic. This amounts to an average of 100 – 200 calls on weekdays, and 40 – 80 at weekends. These callers previously had to try to get through during a two-hour window, so this is more convenient and less stressful. Now, less than 3% of calls need intervention with a person. This saves a considerable amount of staff time. 

The Clinic also has access to reporting showing how many callers have accessed the system to listen to their results, how many hung up and how many were transferred to make a follow up appointment. This helps the Clinic to plan and utilise their resources more efficiently. 

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