Patient Hub

Waiting List Feature Sheet

Reduce, validate and prioritise your patient appointments
and take back control of your waiting list

How big is your waiting list backlog?

Reduce, validate and prioritise your patient appointments and take back control of your waiting list with Patient Hub Waiting List.

A critical and ongoing burden

The ongoing pandemic pressures continue to add to the burden of NHS waiting lists. The challenge of tackling thousands of patients trapped on a waiting list has reached a critical level.

Yet, before any patient can be offered any available appointment, the hospital must establish if they still need their referral. It gets more complex when a patient is not able to accept an offered appointment, due to a current health status.

Overwhelming workload

The sheer volume of patient calls that need to be made by staff feels overwhelming. The NHS is rightly concerned about staff fatigue and wish to avoid any additional work load.

Posting letters is not the answer. The post is slow and unreliable; you have no confirmation of receipt and responses cause a peak of inbound calls.

Keeping track of the big picture is hard work with manual records. They can be inaccurate and seldom are able to deliver output in real-time.

Digital can help

Typically, more than 70% of patients contacted, will respond to a digital outreach. Patient Hub Waiting List is an automated solution that can quickly survey patients. You tailor the questions to validate whether they still require the appointment now, at some future date, or not at all.


  • Provide patient access
  • Regulate flow by clinical speciality
  • Easy and secure
  • Digital by default
  • Meets DTAC requirements

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Patient Hub Waiting List Feature Sheet

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