Patient Hub

Waiting List Validation

A cost-effective way to validate your waiting lists, deployed either standalone or as part of our PEP, Patient Hub.

Patient response rate*
Patient discharge rate*  
Reduction of an average waiting list*
Deployment at pace
Waiting List validation solution is designed to be deployed quickly, in less than 2 weeks. Deployed either standalone via CSV, or integrated via CSV, HL7, or APIs with our patient portal, Patient Hub.

Validate your waiting list – support elective recovery

With our Waiting List validation solution, your Trust can rapidly discover how many patients wish to remain on your waiting lists, or how many want to be discharged. Supporting your goal to reduce the total number of those waiting.

Waiting List validation infographic

89% response rate within 36 hours

89%* of patients respond to a text message within 36 hours about whether they still need to be on the waiting list.

Tailor questions by patient group

  • Long-term health conditions
  • Surgical waiting lists
  • Patients who have yet to be seen

You have total oversight and control with our admin console. Tailor questions easily, as and when you need to, by specialty and patient type. Your clinicians benefit from automated worklists — so they can check responses and flag any patient choices that require review.


  • Significantly reduce your waiting list
  • Utilise your existing staff more effectively
  • Improve patient experience and engagement with configurable questions by clinical specialty
  • Cost-effective: resource-light with rapid deployment

Find out more about Patient Hub and hear customer stories about the impact Patient Hub is having on their Trust such as waiting list validation.

*Statistics from 3 NHS Acute Trusts Q3-2022

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