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Intelligent Automation at Network Rail

Process automation at scale

Anand Patel talks to us about process automation at scale at Network Rail

We were delighted to catch up with Anand Patel, Head of Technology & Innovation at Network Rail as part of our What’s Next 2021 conference, discussing process automation at scale. As a visionary technology strategist and digital business thought leader, Anand has a broad technical background and proven expertise in digital innovation. He has spearheaded digitisation to work smarter, increase effectiveness and reduce the cost of running the railway.

Richard Billington asked about their exemplary intelligent automation model and the implementation of the digital factory at Network Rail. Anand explains the types of intelligent automation that are in play at Network Rail, including low-code and RPA, and how that has achieved efficiency gains and also joined together new parts of the organisation as well as integrating legacy systems.

Watch the interview in full below to learn more about process automation at scale at Network Rail.

Network Rail is going through a modernisation programme where we’re looking to revamp and reconstruct many of the processes we do to make them much, much more efficient. And automation is a key part of that.
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