Category 08 December 2020

Introducing Liberty RPA

Our approach to process automation

At our What’s Next? 2020 conference, Richard Billington, our Chief Technology Officer, presented an introduction to Liberty RPA, our AI-powered robotic process automation that frees-up people from mundane and cumbersome repetitive tasks and enables them to be more productive.

In this recording, Richard explains what process automation can offer an organisation and our feature-rich roadmap of future development for Liberty RPA. He is joined by Thomas Van Turnhout to show the Liberty RPA Studio and share a demo of a flow to show how it all works.


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We recently added AI-powered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to our Liberty Platform capabilities. In this blog we’ll introduce you to Liberty RPA, the benefits that it has for organisations, its limitations and why we think this is great news for you, our customers.