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Shifts and Rotas – Liberty Converse Feature Sheet

Right agent, right time, right skills.

Engage your team. Improve customer satisfaction with shift planning and sensible rotas.

When you are able to create effective shifts and rotas, you’ll meet customer demand, reduce overtime costs, and improve team engagement. It’s about balancing business, and your customer and colleague needs, in a fast and convenient way.

Liberty Converse brings you all the resource functionality you need at your fingertips. All in the same user interface, at the click of a button.

Read the full Shifts and Rotas Feature sheet.

Take a quick look at the shifts and rotas functionality in this demo:

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Key features

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface on a trusted platform
  • All activity codes are common across Converse meaning it’s fast and easy to understand
  • Apply bulk actions across a team or design by agent
  • Schedule view gives you instant and easy visual control
  • Various shift options including ad-hoc and split shifts
  • Drill-down on the dashboard using filters and date pickers
  • Plan rotas including multiple rotas, rotating breaks, term time versus holidays or times of year
  • Easy for the agent to view their daily schedule and advance planning
  • Pop up alerts to help agents know when to log in

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