Automation of pharmacy labelling

Automation of in-house pharmacy labelling process frees up experienced staff time

Liberty Automation for Health

Hospital pharmacies automate the labelling of prescription drugs

Processing each hospital pharmacy order is a very manual process with no room for error. Making sure the correct drugs and corresponding amounts are prescribed to the right patient are vital.

One major UK hospital trust has said that on average they had 234 labelling requests per day, taking 4 minutes per label, so a total of 15.6 hours per day in terms of human effort. The standard process is to copy and paste data into the Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration system then manually perform data lookups and enter this information into JAC. Then print the label.

Using RPA this transactional process is automated, sped up and made more accurate. Starting with a PDF order, the robots scan the relevant patient information via a barcode, then input the medicine request and amount required into JAC and automatically print the label from this. A process that usually takes four minutes, now takes less than a minute.

Automating this has freed up those members of staff to be utilised for more value-add activities.

The benefits

  • Frees up a lot of experienced staff time that could be better utilised elsewhere
  • Automates a process that manually takes a lot of time – input cannot be rushed by human hands as it is so important to get it right
  • High accuracy rates, time after time

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