Building applications fast with low-code

Here’s how fast and easy it is to build a very simple helpdesk application.

Liberty Create

Building in low-code is fast. But how fast?

We talk a lot about low-code helping our customers to build full-stack apps faster than they used to. In fact, we have seen Liberty Create, our low-code solution, speed up application builds by up to ten times.

Blistering speed

So how does building in low-code speed things up so dramatically? It’s because Create offers a simple drag-and-drop user interface, a toolkit that covers the entire app life-cycle and a powerful business process automation engine.

Anyone can use it

It’s also really simple to use. Create was designed with business users in mind, without compromising standards or security needed by IT. We’re always trying to make things as simple and easy-to-use as possible. That means the people who know what the system needs to do, can actively help to build the system, eliminating some of the back and forth between them and IT. You don’t need to worry about endless training either. Give us three days and we can turn anyone into a low-code developer.

See it for yourself

Watch this demo from one of our “What is Liberty Create?” webinars. This 5 minute clip shows a really simple example of an application being built in Liberty Create, it’s a helpdesk platform which tracks the progress of requests that have been logged. It’ll show you just how quick and easy building in low-code can be.



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