Underwriters improve agent productivity by 57% a week

Insurance underwriting company increases staff productivity, improves customer service and saves massive costs with a new case management platform.

Liberty Create

Insurance underwriting company increases staff productivity by 57%, improves customer service and saves massive costs.

This insurance underwriting company assists people with providing alternative accommodation when they have to move out of their homes due to fire, floods etc. Their existing spreadsheet-based system meant that tracking progress, keeping customers updated, monitoring refurb and tracking costs was all done manually.

The customer experience was suffering. Also, there was no way to track possible fraud or trends and it all cost more than it ought to.

Case management app

We assisted with the provision of a case management solution built in Liberty Create low-code. It tracks spend and progress of a client’s refurb — and provides chase messaging to contractors and update messages to customers. It also provides management information (MI) across the entire case as well as map trend analysis.

The end result was a massive saving in costs and improvement in customer service. Agent productivity has increased by 57%.

Additional benefits

The results from the case management app have been fantastic with the company seeing a number of benefits. Staff retention has improved, reducing recruitment costs and the business has better visibility of compliance.

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