Improve order management with low-code

Put spreadsheets in the past with an order management solution built in low-code.




Liberty Create

Improve order management

Most businesses – including many large enterprises – run their order management with spreadsheets. They’re flexible but basic, and when you’re dealing with masses of orders at scale, basic just won’t cut it.

Spreadsheets require endless manual tweaking, constant rekeying of data, and to-ing and fro-ing between sales, marketing and clients.

Ultimately, with so many steps involved, there’s huge potential for errors, typos and missing or corrupted data.
With low-code, you can import all your data automatically, set rules, and eliminate manual errors.

Build the solution you need

Build the exact order management program for your organisation’s needs with minimal IT support. Set up rules to prevent errors and incorrect orders going through. Automatically import order data into your system so orders can be processed and pushed through with ease.

The benefits

  • Give your sales reps an accurate, organised view of all orders without resorting to spreadsheets.
  • Manage orders more efficiently by automating the process.
  • Reduce errors by eliminating the manual workload created by spreadsheets.

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