Intelligent automation for invoice processing

Create, process and send out invoices with intelligent automation to provide an efficient and seamless experience for your customers.

Liberty RPA & Liberty Create

Automating invoice production

In the finance department, processing an invoice run is a very frequent and very time-consuming procedure. The process never changes, so, it’s the perfect candidate for a software robot to take over.

Automating invoice production, sending them to customers and running management reports can all be done automatically. This can either be on a scheduled basis or triggered automatically by an event occurring (for example completion of work) in finance.

Intelligent automation lets you rethink the manual workflow. You can tie all of the processes together so that data flows from A to B, securely and with no manual intervention.

Improve the flow

RPA robots take the heavy lifting. They perform at high speed. They don’t make mistakes or stop for any breaks – for the right type of tasks, they are better suited to the work than humans. This releases people from the necessary but repetitive or high-volume tasks, opening endless possibilities for them to focus on higher value work.

For business and IT users

Liberty RPA is designed for both business and IT people to be able to use. It automates interactions with existing systems on a screen. It replicates the actions that a person takes when they are operating various different systems, and does those things automatically. With simple drag-and-drop techniques it’s easy enough for anyone to create their own automations.

The benefits

  • Drive efficiency and productivity by streamlining the entire invoice production process
  • Improve information flow with automatic reporting and notifications
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual admin for your teams, freeing them up to deal with more important tasks

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We recently added AI-powered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to our Liberty Platform capabilities. In this blog we’ll introduce you to Liberty RPA, the benefits that it has for organisations, its limitations and why we think this is great news for you, our customers.