Simplify land access requests with low-code

Improve visibility and compliance

Liberty Create

Remove complexity and improve visibility

Wayleave agreements give industry permission to install and maintain ‘resources/equipment’ on privately owned land or within some types of buildings, such as apartment blocks.

They are required to install, repair or maintain equipment on private land, or inside a property, where it provides service to people who are not the legal owner of the land or property.

A typical wayleave agreement process can often be a lengthy and complex. It requires agreement from multiple parties and is often manual and time-consuming. Unfortunately for many companies, managing this process and securing access is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Build a slick and seamless process for managing wayleaves with low-code. Liberty Create lets you build better processes, fast.

Improve visibility and compliance

Build the access request management process that uniquely suits your needs, then iterate and update as often as you need to, according to regulatory change or changing demands.

Integrate data from existing systems so it all flows seamlessly. You never have to worry about a lost form or an unsigned document. Keep everyone in the loop by automatically updating them as the access request progresses.

Integrate with a payment gateway and you can ensure seamless one off, or regular payments to the landowner.

The benefits

  • Get full visibility of your request process – how many, when they came in, who’s dealing with them, where they are in the queue
  • Unify request streams so everyone can see that each request is going to the relevant person in the right format
  • Integrate with all your other systems – website, CRM, ERP and Payment Gateways and more, to eliminate as much time-consuming manual work as possible for your teams, and ensure requests are dealt with precisely and efficiently

Liberty Create is low-code software for business users and developers. Why not try it for yourself?

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