Unify contact centre channels with low-code

Channel proliferation should be a good thing for customer-obsessed businesses. You’ve never had more opportunities to impress customers
by meeting them where they are.

Liberty Create

Connected contact centres

Tying channels together is tough and the stakes are high. A disconnected contact centre leads to poor communication between teams, demoralised staff, error-strewn manual processes, inadequate tracking and visibility, a lack of accountability and unexpected costs.

Consolidated tools, streamlined systems

Bring all your channels together in one centralised platform which lets data flow seamlessly between systems.

Get full visibility over all your customer interactions – across every channel – and generate reports in an instant.

Automate actions in your CRM for particular case types to trigger the correct action, and get the ball rolling on solving customer issues whilst minimising manual intervention.

Consolidate your tools and streamline your systems without sacrificing any functionality, and easily make changes when you need to, without masses of support from IT and dev.

The benefits

  • Deal with customer complaints quickly and proactively by ensuring everyone has access to the same up-to-date information.
  • Save budget by consolidating your tech stack.
  • Save time for support teams by getting rid of clunky manual processes and ensuring customer issues are resolved on first contact.
  • Improve morale by reducing complaints and simplifying workflows. Agents no longer have to waste time finding manual workarounds and switching between tools.

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