What is intelligent automation?

The combination of multiple process automation technologies
used to automate business processes.

Are manual or broken processes holding you back from a digital-first future?
Your team’s productivity and effectiveness is impacted, which drives up costs. Management have limited visibility and customer experience slumps. Automation frees staff from repetitive, mundane tasks and allows you to fix processes. Here’s how…

Combining technologies

Intelligent automation is the combination of multiple process automation technologies such as low-code, robotic process automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), built-in workflow, integration platforms and intelligent business process management suites (IBPMS). Any combination of these technologies used to automate business processes qualifies as intelligent automation.

Intelligent automation is very similar to hyperautomation (basically, they mean the same thing!). The analyst Forrester coined the phrase, while Gartner came up with hyperautomation.

Guide to intelligent automation

How does it work?

What is RPA – it mimics the actions of a person operating systems on a screen such as opening a system, accessing some data, copying it, pasting it to another system, generating a report, emailing that report to someone – this is called a process flow. A robot can be instructed to replicate that exact process flow. This is intelligent automation rpa.

It’s especially effective for repetitive and tedious tasks. The robot takes that activity and does exactly the same process, over and over, to free your people to focus on what really matters.

Intelligent automation takes this much further allowing you not simply to automate an existing process but reengineer and create new ones by building new applications and systems too.

What are the benefits?

There are lots of great benefits. You can explore some of these in our why choose intelligent automation section. Many of the analysts believe that we need to put our trust in automation and software robots to maintain a successful business.

low-code Locale and accessibility
Improve quality and precision, fast
RPA Event reporting Icon
Enhance productivity and efficiency savings
low-code Advanced security
Greater operational agility and flexibility
RPA Credential management Icon
Reduce operational risks
low-code Data management icon
Remove pain points and improve customer experiences
low-code Tests
Simplify interactions and speed up processes
low-code Historical metrics
Measure and improve worker performance and response times
Create business insights into processes for further enhancements

What processes can be automated be used for?

Along with there being lots of benefits, the potential for intelligent automation is endless. Spanning every department across and organisation. Here are just a few of them.

  • Expense management
  • Management reporting and workflows
  • End-to-end order processing
  • Policy updates and communications
  • Employee wellbeing programmes
  • Performance management and reporting
  • Personalised customer relationship management
  • Licensing, regulation and compliance support
  • Tender preparation
  • Industry and competitor monitoring
  • End-to-end support case management
  • Security policy implementation
  • Network support
  • Policy and risk management
  • Supplier and contract management
  • Customer service delivery/engagement automation
Every process within an organisation needs to be automated in software, or else be liable to failure, and the consequences of failure.
Our flavour of intelligent automation

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Automating processes within your organisation has a big impact on your CX and operational efficiencies. But with so many technologies available, which one should you choose? And how do they work within your current IT estate?

Using software robots for mundane tasks results in quicker, error-free processing. This frees your people for more meaningful, fulfilling work. And you can solve all those transformation problems, fast. Welcome to the intelligent automation revolution.