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The challenge

Award-winning creator, distributor and licensor of branded gifts and cards, Carte Blanche, is well known for Tatty Teddy, the cute grey bear with a blue nose. The company was founded in 1987 with a dream and a collection of just 12 greetings cards. More than 30 years on, design and innovation are at the very core of the Carte Blanche business.

In 2019, Carte Blanche embarked on a sustained period of change and an ambition to enhance productivity. Dealing with the implementation of two new software systems (MS Dynamics and Perfion), personnel changes and diversification of product offering – the organisation needed to re-evaluate operating procedures.

Getting under the hood of the business

If Carte Blanche was to benefit from greater clarity and understanding of their processes, they would need to be clear on the current state of the organisation, before they started to make any changes. They used Liberty Spark, our process improvement and mapping software, to embark on this initiative.

We chose Liberty Spark as our solution because it’s perfection as far as simplicity goes… Everyone can look at a Liberty Spark map and understand it. Everything can be broken down into two types of boxes – what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”

Stuart Morgan

Design Engineer, Carte Blanche

The solution

We really understood through Liberty Spark that we could clean up a messy process. It has saved us a huge amount of time by streamlining our flow of activity and understanding that, by resolving issues earlier on in the process, we could make it easier for our people to do their jobs. There really is an amazing human centric benefit to Liberty Spark beyond the mechanics of process mapping.”

Stuart Morgan

Design Engineer, Carte Blanche

The result

  • Process mapped Procurement & Inventory, Sales Orders & Fulfilment and Product Management systems.
  • Using Liberty Spark, Carte Blanche has explored the possibilities of using responsibility matrices. Using the RATSI method they have defined who is doing the work, who is signing off, who is helping and who is informed. This helps everyone to understand what people do, create job descriptions, understand workloads and help each other.
  • Employees have complete clarity over their roles. They can use Spark to navigate and understand their roles, what is expected of them, where they fit in the process, to whom they speak to understand an issue and appreciate why their role is vital.
  • Liberty Spark has become the place to hold all vital information.
An innovative future

When reviewing processes, Liberty Spark allowed Carte Blanche to recognise what areas could be improved, record specific issues and, most importantly, empower the team to make changes. They recognise the potential and their objective is to build an even clearer and more complete picture of the whole business. As Carte Blanche expands and diversifies, Spark sits at the centre, helping to support staff to do their jobs and to keep delivering fantastic customer experiences.


Full clarity

of business processes

Engaged teams

people understand processes and where improvements can be made


benefits beyond process mapping

Power up your process skills

With Liberty Spark you can quickly and intuitively map any organisational process and then rapidly build them in Liberty.

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