Creating a roadmap to success

Driving change by looking at change in a different way

The challenge

Cielo is a US based RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) whose mission is to ensure their clients attract the best candidates possible and provide incredible service. They were frustrated by the rigidity and overly complicated process drawing tools they were using.

As part of their onboarding process, Cielo reviews a client’s current recruitment process, identifies improvement opportunities, aligns with best practice models. They create a world class future state service to delight and satisfy clients. The introduction of Liberty Spark, our process improvement and mapping software, led to an enhanced and improved user experience.

Previously we were getting into rooms of leaders, Heads of Talent Acquisitions and Senior Leadership teams, pulling out a process map with swimlanes and trying to walk them through what the future was like. It just wasn’t communicated at all in the right way. Being able to show Liberty Spark and say here is an overview of your process flow, we can do detailed dives, we can call out notes, document SLAs and responsibilities in a way that is really engaging.”

Erin Arkin

Project Management Lead, Cielo

The solution

“Liberty Spark is so user friendly, it’s easy to get in and move things around. For the basics – anyone with a quick tutorial can get the gist so it really saves time with new people joining the team to access and add information. The simple, comprehensive design consolidates everything into one picture, a one stop shop to see the Who, What and Why.”

Erin Arkin

Project Management Lead, Cielo

The result

  • Liberty Spark is used as an essential part of every client project.
  • Constantly providing clarity and simplicity, giving Cielo the ability to create a more functional process using a tool which is easier for the team to navigate.
  • Liberty Spark is used internally to optimise Cielo’s own internal processes, find efficiencies and create consistency.
  • Teams can be more flexible, proactive and adaptable with new clients.
  • Everyone in the organisation is able to collaborate and engage.
Creating more functional processes for the future

Liberty Spark has won over leadership and stakeholders, it allows teams to be flexible, proactive and adaptable with new clients. Using a process mapping software that dares to be different and allows everyone in the organisation to collaborate and engage gives Cielo yet another advantage over the competition.



new clients quicker


with easy to understand process diagrams


process maps can constantly evolve

Process improvement used and understood by everyone

With Liberty Spark you can quickly and intuitively map any organisational process and then rapidly build them in Liberty.

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