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Delivering case management efficiency and streamlined service delivery of welfare rights, through digital autonomy.

Lancashire County Council

The challenge

Lancashire County Council is the local authority for Lancashire county, providing upper tier services to their citizens including children’s services, adult social care and infrastructure. Their digital team had already invested in our intelligent process automation platform, Liberty Create, as an enterprise low-code solution.

Their Welfare Rights service team was frustrated with their legacy casework system, which was no longer fit for purpose in meeting vital Welfare Rights service needs. They needed a user-friendly, bespoke case management solution to meet recording, data sharing and process requirements and solve challenges, including lack of flexibility and functionality.

Lack of flexibility and limited functionality

With restricted functionality, their system could no longer meet changing business needs, nor the reporting requirements of a Welfare Rights system. The legacy system could no longer cope with the case recording, GDPR and process requirements of the welfare service — negatively impacting team performance and efficiency due to manual workarounds.

Looking for a powerful way to digitise Welfare rights and other services and deliver them more effectively, they deployed Citizen Hub, our full-stack, low-code case management, workflow and process automation solution for councils.

Lancashire County Council

I’m so pleased with the new system created in Liberty. It’s so good for the advisors. It’s easy for them to use and to follow. Everything our advisors do is recorded and we can pull that information out. It’s well-structured and the real proof is when we went live with it, I didn’t have any complaints. It’s much more efficient and therefore customers get a much better service.”

Joanne Barker

Welfare Rights Manager, Lancashire County Council

The solution

Lancashire County Council

To meet our complex service needs, our team has been able to really use Liberty’s Code Studio and its pre-built components to deliver on our unique design requirements. Without Liberty we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the level of quality apps we’re building.”

Sharon De Vall

Digital Strategy Manager, Lancashire County Council

The result

  • Data import of over 13,000 clients with over 14,000 enquiries
  • 165,000 enquiry notes
  • Visibility of more than £20 million worth of successful outcomes for the past 6 years of data
  • 0 complaints on implementation
  • 400 more people helped
  • No impact on live service
  • 25% increase in caseload capacity
  • Improved work allocation
  • More efficient appeals handling
  • Instant reporting

Hear it for yourself

A comprehensive digital roadmap

Prioritising digital service delivery, they are implementing a robust digital strategy to include all digital services and infrastructure networks. This includes delivery of apps like Council Event Ticketing and Supported Living Case Management, amongst others, with a future-forward focus on expanding citizen-first digital services. Lancashire is also actively working with other councils to share vital information about their case management tool build, enhancing cooperative working for wider citizen benefit.

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25 % Increase

in caseload capacity

0 Complaints

on implementation

400 more

people being helped

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