Account switching made easy

Low-code solution makes account switching fast, error-proof and able to meet SLAs

The challenge

Switching bank accounts, and informing every company that you have a direct debit with, is annoying. Unsurprisingly, customers are reluctant to switch bank accounts. However, this was an important element of Nationwide’s growth plan.

To tempt customers, they had an Account Switch guarantee which promised £100 compensation if Nationwide didn’t successfully contact all of a new customer’s direct debit companies within 10 days. If there were any transfer errors, they would also cover the related overdraft charges and interest for up to three months. The challenge was ensuring their Account Switch process was slick and error proof.

Increasing account switches

The Account Switching unit turned to Liberty Create, our low-code platform, as Nationwide had used it to deploy many highly successful systems.

“We received excellent support from the Netcall team, whose agile approach to development has allowed us to deploy these changes swiftly.”

Head of Current Accounts, Nationwide

The solution

The result

  • A 79% increase in account switches was reported
  • It tracks and monitors customer transfer applications to meet the agreed SLAs and avoid compensation fees
  • Automated customer updates via text message
  • Provides management with real-time reporting on pipeline status
  • Workflow and workload balancing across the customer service team
  • Customers are on-boarded more cost-effectively
Hear it for yourself
Digital transformation in financial services

Nationwide has deployed many highly successful systems using Liberty Create, including Social media monitoring, Banking alerts, Mortgages, ISAs, Bereavements and Complaints.



increase in account switches


more customers cost-effectively


communications with customers by text message

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