Discover the remarkable achievements of some of our valued customers who have harnessed the power of Liberty platform. From streamlined workflows and enhanced customer experiences to measurable business growth and improved efficiency, their success stories serve as compelling testimonials to the transformative capabilities of our platform.

Cairn Housing Association | Transforming the tenant journey

Cairn were trying to tackle tenants’ growing needs to request a service or make a payment, at a time and using a method convenient to them. Disconnected back-office systems were holding Cairn back, and causing their team to use workarounds, which added additional complexity and often resulted in errors or stages being missed

ITV | Responding to digital disruption

In response to the digital disruption ITV were facing, they wanted to implement a large-scale drive for operational excellence. Almost 100 business users were involved in the initial process improvement drive as it was important to keep the team engaged with the project.

Nationwide | Powering mobile banking alerts

Nationwide’s SMS messaging service sends customers their current account balance and the last five transactions but they wanted to enhance the solution, ensuring greater transparency and control of members’ communications, empowering them to personalise alert preferences. 

Nationwide | Scaling up ISA processing

Nationwide wanted to overhaul their ISA processing function. They needed a workflow solution to streamline the application process and dramatically improve customer experience. And they needed it fast.