Celebrating the people who make the difference

I am CX

The people who make a difference

Within every organisation, an elite band of bright people exists who are united by a passion for customer experience (CX).

They work their magic in every role they hold, from the contact centre to the back office, but they each bring a unique skill set to work. Specialist knowledge, dedication to solving customer problems, commitment to fixing processes and first-rate communication are all tools in their arsenal.

And, almost always, they wear a smile.

Respect to the CX-obsessed

The CX-obsessed brings the unsung heroes and the high flyers together, going above and beyond, simply to help customers and reduce the effort needed to resolve issues.

They embody attributes that elevate customer loyalty, accelerate resolutions, sales and innovation rates.

They’re the ones you wish you could ‘clone’.

Exemplifying good CX

What motivates these people to keep overcoming the obstacles to great customer experience delivery?

More importantly how can you make them the norm?

Yes, you need great tech. But do not underestimate the role that ‘humanity’ plays in providing a great interaction.

Here’s how your organisation can engage more staff to exemplify your customer experience ambitions.


Tech to transform customer experience

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of customer engagement and intelligent automation solutions to let you drive, manage and deliver an effortless experience. Give your agents the tools they need.

See it in action

Book a one-on-one video call to see a Liberty Converse and Connect demo.

Liberty Connect Omnichannel Messaging
Liberty Connect:
AI enhanced conversational messaging solution
Engage and assist. Join your customers online conversations and offer seamless on demand self-service with intelligent chatbots. Supplement your agents with intelligent automations.
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Liberty Converse Contact Centre
Liberty Converse:
Omnichannel contact centre management solutions
Manage and enhance. Improve agent performance and connect all your interactions into a single consistent view of your customer. Ensure your agents always have a complete picture of every customer.
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Start building better customer relationships

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Ability Access Authority = CX Heroes

In this automated, tech-orientated world, is the contact centre agent evolving faster than ever?

switchboard operator bot
Engage people to liberate CX ambitions

How can your engage your contact centre to understand that they can be responsible for CX and empower them to “own” this.

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