Smooth call handling for BBC Studios

ACD enables smooth, professional call handling, ensuring that external callers are transferred to the right department with minimum effort

The challenge

BBC Studios is the commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation, they sell programmes and formats produced by 200+ UK independent producers.

To deliver these projects, they need to be able to quickly add and configure new contact queues, using a centralised ACD (Automated call distributor) platform to meet their clients’ needs. It is essential that they can operate within tight timescales.

Smooth call handling with minimal effort

They turned to Netcall to upgrade and configure their existing ACD platform to ensure each new business area delivers the same experience and adheres to existing business processes. They upgraded to the latest version of Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre solution. Once installed, Netcall provided some additional training to support staff to efficiently handle all new business opportunity calls.

“It is a trusted application that we use within our business. Just knowing that we can deliver great results to the clients’ specifications within the team is a great advantage.”

Martin Oliver

Infrastructure Communications Team Leader, BBC

The solution

The result

  • Netcall provided additional training to support staff to efficiently handle all new business opportunity calls
  • New queues or skill groups can be deployed very quickly – virtually in real-time, once the workflow elements have been captured and the flow defined
  • Now all ACDs enable smooth, professional call handling and calls from clients and external contacts are processed accurately to the right department
  • Using low-code, managing day-to-day tasks and auditing processes are much simpler.
Whatever the requirement, the ACD can deliver

A positive shift in approach for the Team has been generated, as the team now feel that whatever their clients require, they can deliver.



call processing with minimum effort


to add new skills or queues


professional call handling

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