Netcall for Education

Digital access 24/7 for Students, Staff and for Clearing

The Liberty Platform provides a full, cloud-hosted, integrated student engagement platform providing omnichannel contact centre and conversational messaging.

University cloud contact centres

Many universities are looking at the cloud to manage rapid changes needed in customer service and support. One of the drivers is the need for a more flexible and scalable method of delivering personalised experiences to students, as they expect 24/7 access across multiple engagement channels.

This has driven a demand for the scalability that a cloud contact centre for education model offers. 

Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre solution, is available in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid. Over 50% of Russell Group universities are already utilising Liberty Converse to their advantage.

Map showing 50% of Russell Group universities are Netcall customers


  • Cloud contact centres for education – free up precious university storage space
  • Integration with back office systems – your CRM, Student Management System
  • Polish your customer experience – keep an eye on quality and set up SLAs
  • Telephony agnostic – we can work with any telephony system
  • Browser interface – supports remote and flexible working
  • Unified channels all in one feed – WhatsApp, email, SMS, chatbots

Features at a glance:

  • Ready-made responses for tricky situations
  • Call in supervisor help when needed
  • Dashboards and reports on what matters
  • Amplify agent performance with features like screen pops, to make things easier for your agents to respond quickly
  • See conversation history from one screen, incoming calls, performance and what customers are saying
  • A single platform that can scale from 10’s to 100’s of agents
  • Microsoft Teams integration – as a certified Gold Microsoft Partner for over 12 years, we’ve got you covered

It’s more vital than ever to make it easy for student and prospective students to access the university. There is an expectation that you will be able to handle interactions in the channels which are prolific for the student demographic. Can they engage with you via WhatsApp? Social media? Why not?

Liberty Converse, our omnichannel cloud contact centre for education solution, offers a more sophisticated contact centre, enabling you to handle omnichannel interactions. This gives you an advantage in attracting next year’s intake of students, offering them a window to a smoother student experience if they choose your university for their degree.

The challenges:

  • Security and compliance with standards. How do you manage the move to the cloud, ensuring security is maintained? We have this covered.
  • Fragmented management of calls and interactions across university. We’ll show you how to bring it all together.
  • Overheads of supporting multiple messaging platforms. Let’s bring an end to all that duplication of effort, wasted money, missed opportunities of sharing best practice, training and internal support.

The solutions:

  • Modern, intuitive interface.
  • Future-proof interaction handling platform for managing calls and messages (now and for the future).
  • Integrates with all major telephony vendors, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Alcatel, Mitel. Plus many more.
  • Resilient, high availability platform.
  • Fully managed service.
  • Highly secure, single tenanted.
50% of Russell Group universities use Liberty Converse

Let’s talk about how you can join them – we’ll show you how we can support your future journey to a cloud application platform

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