Netcall for the London Market

Delivering digital-first for the London Market

Don’t let complex processes and legacy tech hold you back. Our tech helps deliver the market’s aspirations for change.

With our low-code and RPA solutions you can build applications to automate processes across your organisation. Bringing together data, communication channels and fixing the processes that are currently hindering the experience for your customers, staff and partners.

Use cases for the London Market

Intelligent Automation is one technology that’s pioneering a fresh approach to a digital-first future. Intelligent Automation comes from combining low-code and RPA technology. Recognising the failures of big transformation projects that are too expensive and too slow, low-code allows you to ‘get off the starting block’. Improving one process at a time.

It allows you to create new apps needed for improving processes. It ties together legacy systems with new data sources and provides the end-to-end data flow. Meaning you have better access to data and a competitive edge.

Liberty Create, our low-code platform offers a new approach to application development. It has been designed to address the time, cost and complexity issues of traditional software development. Business users and IT work together to deliver secure apps that meet your exact needs. Overcoming skills shortages and delivering innovative solutions, faster.

Here are just some examples of how our tools are used in the London Market.

A leading global professional services firm acting as a global insurance broker and representing many of the world’s leading organisations. Across the Spanish broking sites the broking process was clunky, inconsistent and prone to error and double data-entry. Liberty Create simplifies and standardises the broking process.

This insurance underwriting company increased staff productivity by 57%, to improve customer service and save massive costs. A new platform built with Liberty Create is assisting with case management has enabled spend tracking, progress of home refurbs, chased contractors, updated customers, provided MI across entire cases and enabled trend analysis mapping.

Insurance LaunchPad is an extensible platform designed for you to build out to meet current and future requirements.

A short video to demonstrate how Liberty Create low-code simplifies the claims management process. Managing the process along the way and keeping the customer in the loop at every step.