Lean methodology efficiency with low-code

UK Power Networks uses low-code to deliver lean methodology efficiencies and drive CX

The challenge

UK Power Networks own, construct and maintain the electricity infrastructure across London, the South East and East of England. The standard of service that they deliver is stringently measured by their regulator, Ofgem. Excellent customer experience (CX) is one of their highest priorities so they continually develop innovation, efficiencies and staff development for optimum performance.

High performance programme

The Lean Improvement Team are tasked with up-skilling and empowering employees to consistently achieve better business results. Their programme uses recognised lean manufacturing methodology, helping to develop more effective ways of working through innovation and align services to customer needs.

As 60% of their time was spent administering the process and arranging assessment appointments, they needed a more efficient, effective way to collaborate with teams across the organisation. They also needed to move away from heavy reliance on spreadsheets, with the user errors and inconveniences that these bring. They turned to the speed and flexibility of low-code, using Liberty Create, our low-code platform, to build an application for the Lean Improvement Team.

“The great thing about building the Lean App in Liberty Create is that it gives us the ability to expand, developing and building different elements to the platform. It has given us the tools to build a framework for driving innovation and improving performance.”

Lee Warwick

Senior Compliance Advisor & Network Operations Data Champion, UK Power Networks

The solution

“Create was very intuitive to use. Our team members, with training and support from Netcall, were able to quickly learn how the platform worked, allowing us to adjust workflows, create our own automated comms and store relevant data, all in one platform. This saved significant time and cost.”

Jon Hornsey

Lean Programme Manager, UK Power Networks

The result

  • A team of four people used Create to build their application in low-code, plus some support from Netcall
  • The Lean Application enabled the team to expand their work scope from 6 teams to 75 from around the business, which could not have been done otherwise
  • Admin time reduced from 60% to 10% of weekly work time – an efficiency saving of 83%
  • The app was so successful it led to UK Power Networks adopting Create to build a larger system for external customer connection applications
  • This delivered a dramatic improvement to internal order processing quality and efficiency as well as the customers’ experience, which subsequently contributed to improved customer satisfaction scores and Ofgem ranking for CX
Building continuous improvement

UK Power Networks learnt from the development of the Lean App that low-code development can enhance and improve existing systems and processes, allowing for iterative deployment. They continue to utilise the platform to empower their teams to significantly improve their performance, further boosting the company’s business performance and customer satisfaction.

Tackling project after project – Hear it for yourself

UK Power Networks can equip people in the business, those who really understand the process, with the tools that they need to automate existing processes. They are using Liberty Create to develop many new digital journeys which deliver award-winning customer experience – watch the video to find out more.

* DNO – Distribution Network Operator

Find out how UK Power Networks have used Liberty Create to connect the customer journey, to drive new digital services for customers and to intelligently automate GDPR compliance.



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Upskill and empower employees

Low-code is fast, flexible and agile. It doesn’t demand an overhaul of your operations or additional pressure on IT.

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