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Adur & Worthing Council Social Prescribing App for Going Local


Adur & Worthing Councils Social Prescribing App comes to the Community AppShare!
Adur & Worthing Councils are all about helping people – they want to create better experiences for their staff and for their citizens. Liberty Create helped them do both. And now they are sharing a generic version of their Social Prescribing App with other councils, in our AppShare.

This accelerator, powered by Create, provides a solution for primary care professionals that refers people to a range of local, non-clinical community services. The project, Going Local, has been live since 2016.

Builders simply log into AppShare, download the accelerator. Someone else has done the hard work. It’s 80% of the way there, ready to be customised to meet your local needs and integrations.

What is Community now?
It was launched to support interaction and collaboration between low-code builders. Now, the Community gives like-minded Create builders and Converse users the opportunity to collaborate, share and support each other.

Power to the people
Sign up to browse through a catalogue of free pre-built applications, accelerators and components such as themes, widgets and plugins. Any registered members can download and use these to start or enhance their own projects. And yes anyone can join, contribute and share!

It’s not a big overhead to share your app. All you need is an idea, some content, and to want to be part of something big! Our AppShare team is here to work with you to do the rest. 

And there’s more…
A dedicated Q&A Forum for build advice and support requests. Access to e-Learning material in The Training Academy where builders can book on to classroom training sessions. In The Resources Centre there are heaps of downloadable tech docs, including ‘How-to’ guides, release notes and video guides. It’s all in one place to make it easy to find!

Not yet been blown away by the power of low-code, why not Try Create for yourself? Get some hands-on experience for a project. We can make that happen for you.

So what’s next?
We’re working closely with our customers to fill AppShare with new content and accelerators to share with you.

Work is underway on a dedicated Partner portal. The perfect place to find out more about partnering with Netcall or finding a partner to work with. 

A community for everyone
The success of the Community and AppShare has reinforced our belief that there’s something for everyone. So, with that in mind we’re bringing our plans forward to deliver Community and AppShare features to all Netcall users, not just low-code. Watch this space!

Anyone can become part of the Netcall Community, so why not join our fast growing membership and get creating!

For more information on what Going Local is, and its benefits, head on over to the Adur & Worthing Councils Going Local Website

Read the Adur & Worthing customer story.

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