Newsroom 25 May 2021

Clyde Valley set to provide the very best service experience to tenants with innovative tech from Netcall


Housing association to introduce low-code and contact centre technology to transform digital services for tenants this summer.

The impact of the pandemic at Clyde Valley Group has led to a huge increase in the volume of customer demands across the range of services they offer. And it continues to increase. To keep up with the pace of demand, Clyde Valley needed the help of technology to take customer services online.

Clyde Valley has turned to customer engagement and intelligent automation technology from Netcall, to allow customers greater choice in how they interact with the Housing Group and help staff to manage customer requests in an efficient and visible way.

Clyde Valley will introduce low-code and contact centre technology on a framework known as Tenant Hub to transform its digital services this summer.

Planned go-live

Clyde Valley is already working hard to review its core process and services ready for their transformation. In the summer, Clyde Valley will introduce the low-code platform, Liberty Create as a CRM solution and Liberty Converse an omnichannel contact centre solution to handle interactions, manage contact through all available channels and deliver outstanding customer experience.

This will be closely followed by the launch of a self-service customer portal in the Autumn, that will allow customers greater choice in how they interact with the housing association. The self-service portal is built on Netcall’s low-code platform and includes core structures that you can re-use for all services.

Low-code gives them the flexibility and agility to be able to control every aspect of the digital build, starting small and developing their processes one step at a time, in just the way they need them, now and in the future. The first services set to be overhauled include repairs, payments, anti-social behaviour, estate management, complaints and factoring.

Fin Smith, Customer Services Director, Clyde Valley Group comments,

At the Clyde Valley Group we recognise that our customers’ expectations are growing all the time. The experiences that they have with leading service providers is shaping their expectations for all services they receive. Our ambition is to provide an experience that rivals the very best service providers.

Managing customer contact in a modern, agile and flexible way is foundational to this. We have partnered with Netcall for both contact centre and CXM solutions that will allow us to manage customer contact through all available channels, provide customers with true online self-service options, allow our colleagues to mobilise even more effectively and to manage all customer requests in an efficient and visible way.

Save time and resource
Clyde Valley will also benefit from work already undertaken by other housing associations and local councils using the Liberty Create platform. They will be able to download pre-built apps on Netcall’s AppShare, speeding up the process and saving precious time and resources.  

Mark Holmes, Chief Sales Officer at Netcall, comments,

We are delighted to be empowering Clyde Valley Housing Association on their journey to deliver the very best tenant experience. Often there are many roadblocks to delivering 24×7 tenant self-service. Many housing associations, like Clyde Valley, don’t have adequate systems in place in the first place. Or their systems don’t integrate, data silos break processes, and the cost to change legacy systems is eye watering. Low-code offers cost effective delivery, with rapid results for year-on-year payback.

Our Community AppShare provides a further resource for housing associations to build on. Teaming this with our omnichannel contact centre solution provides a truly joined up customer journey.
Tenant Hub

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