Newsroom 18 March 2021

Netcall joins the Railway Industry Association (RIA)


We are pleased to announce that we have joined RIA as part of a sector initiative bringing proven customer engagement and intelligent automation solutions from local authorities/NHS Trusts towards the transport sector and its supply chain.

RIA is a trade association for the UK rail supply community that provides a voice on behalf of the rail industry supply chain and represents members interests to the government and regulators. They provide a forum for dialogue and promote innovation within the rail industry.

A changing environment

During the COVID-19 pandemic working patterns have changed the way people travel. There is now an increased focus on eliminating friction, increasing scalability and accelerating delivery, from all rail projects.  Initiatives like the Rail Project SPEED – the Government and Network Rail’s plan to reduce the time and cost of rail projects means that delivering collaborative projects at speed is now more important than ever.

A collaborative approach

Technology can be used as a solution to automate and improve processes quickly, making it easier for users to track tasks, access information and gain access to resources or assets internally.

Developed on Netcall’s customer experience platform Liberty is Create, low-code technology that’s perfect for the transport sector. Create is an easy to learn and use low-code solution that lets non-technologists (Citizen Developers) build, test and launch applications, to PC, tablet or mobile, without writing code, all under the governance and control of IT.

Get up to speed quickly with a Launchpad

Take a look at our Launchpad – a set of pre-built apps designed to help organisations quickly innovate and improve experiences for customers and developers as well as improving operational efficiencies.

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