Newsroom 12 February 2021

New features in Liberty Converse and Connect that tackle great customer experience head on


Based on the conversations we’ve been having with many of our customers we’ve observed several operational drivers in the contact centre market which have helped us shape the roadmap for our omnichannel contact centre solution, Liberty Converse and our messaging solution, Liberty Connect.

The pandemic has propelled the steady shift to digital services for everything from entertainment to retail. Many people with limited digital experience are now reliant on digital for everything. They’ve gone from novices to veterans overnight.

This increased demand on channels has reduced the tolerance for delays in service and increased the expectation of ‘always on’ access across demographics. Customers are demanding accuracy and efficiency across each interaction.

And so the demand for self-service shifts up a gear. Customers are willing to find the answers themselves. So much so, that by 2030, Gartner estimates that a billion service tickets will be raised automatically by customer-owned bots.

The changing landscape of an agent

At the same time, agents are having to operate in the same remote home working space as their customers. They are frequently facing customer interactions with significantly reduced access to their usual support infrastructure.

As we continue to layer more self-service technology, support and data around agents to improve customer experience, the role of agents is evolving. Agents need to be the best informed, qualified and engaged part of the new infrastructure.

This changing agent role also means that it’s more important than ever to properly engage with agents, their working environment and their experience. According to Gallup, companies with engaged employees reported a 21% increase in profitability and were scored 17% higher in terms of productivity. An engaged employee will always want to work harder towards delivering a better job.

And as the temporary tolerance, during the pandemic, for poor customer service diminishes, CX rises to the top once again as a key differentiator. It’s a means of securing brand and service engagement. Organisations need customers to engage with digital services to reduce use of potentially overstretched offline services.

And all of these drivers interact around the continuous need to manage costs and service delivery.

We’ve translated these operational drivers into four broad themes for our new release of Converse and Connect.

Workforce management and workforce optimisation
As our agent workforce becomes more agile, and needs to interact with other part of the organisation, workforce management / workforce optimisation is more important than ever with remote teams. We have introduced Skills Coverage Analysis that looks at Shifts & Rota, Forecasting & Optimisation to ensure the right agents handle enquiries.
Agent engagement under the spotlight
With that in mind, agent engagement takes on new importance. The need to empower more effective agents, improve their autonomy and provide more insights into how we support improved performance. Our co-browsing, screen capture and customer satisfaction surveys come into their own. After the interaction the customer is automatically asked for feedback in the channel of their choice.
Smarter self-service
Today, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. Self-service is clearly something that customers demand but our focus is on making sure that self-service doesn’t just become a way of deflecting interactions from agents. Our focus makes every self-service a more effective way of helping customers get the accurate and prompt answers they need. This frees up agents to handle more sensitive and personal matters. So, we are getting smarter with our Bot Studio using in-conversation apps to automate look up services within a chat session and attendant routing to route customers to the agent with the right skills.
CX doesn’t stop at the contact centre
We are very aware that real customer experience doesn’t stop in the contact centre. It’s critical that we enable our customers to leverage existing systems as well as other third parties. With that in mind we have streamlined our integration with Microsoft Dynamics to enable agents to view a customer’s entire history.

All of our new features are available for Liberty Converse and Liberty Connect customers today.

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