Safe, simple and secure AI for you

Harness the power of business-ready AI, while being confident about data security, ease of use and technical reliability.

With our AI, you’re always in control

Netcall has been working with artificial intelligence for decades. We ensure the latest advances can be used safely and effectively within our Liberty platform. Our solutions make the power of AI readily available to you in low-code development, omni-channel contact centre capabilities and robotic process automation – while prioritising safety, simplicity and security.

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Data protection and sovereignty

Our platform ensures your sensitive data stays secure and complies with data protection regulations. We prioritise data sovereignty, meaning you retain control over your data.

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Usability and transparency

Professional developers and business colleagues find our platform intuitive and user-friendly. We offer transparent insights into how our AI algorithms work, building trust and understanding.

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Technical and security robustness

We’ve invested heavily in robust technology, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability. Our rigorous security protects your data against threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Make the best decisions, faster

Our Liberty Platform brings the power of AI to application development, customer engagement and process automation. You can use AI and machine learning to make complex decisions simple. This could be to predict outcomes or drive decision-making, harness unstructured data or automate conversations. Our platform makes the job simple and secure.

Deploy AI easily across your enterprise and reap the benefits quickly

Generate extra value from data to improve and automate decision-making

Use AI insights to deliver better customer experiences

“We are excited to continue our digital journey. The Liberty platform gives us a solid foundation and Netcall provides the tools that we need today, plus growth opportunities for the future.”

Dave Roberts

IS / IT Director, UK Power Networks

Making smarter decisions

The power of AI to accelerate operations and deliver remarkable experiences. The confidence in compliance and security.

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