Accelerate Digital Initiatives:
Rail and Transport

In a sector, where change is constant, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Here are 6 innovative ways to embrace automation and rapidly deliver a better customer experience.

Changing working patterns and economic impacts are accelerating the need for digital innovation.
And suppliers need to proactively engage with customers to respond to this changing environment.

Take a digital-first approach

As paper-based and in-person interactions were knocked by the COVID-19 crisis, the way forward points to a digital-first approach. So, how do you accelerate processes and your digital customer journey?

Do more with less

It can be difficult to know where to start. The more processes you have, the more complex it gets. That’s where Netcall Liberty platform — our AI-powered Automation and Customer Engagement tool — comes in.

With it, you can build new applications to create seamless user and customer journeys. And you can automate whole processes – without changing existing systems. Ask yourself:

Do you have areas of the business that are heavily reliant on manual, spreadsheet-based processes?

Do you have teams who spend significant amounts of time completing tasks that span multiple systems?

Move faster

Our Liberty platform enables you to speed up app development, using automation to transform the business and your customer experience.

You need to:

  • Meet safety and regulatory requirements (passenger safety)
  • Speed up innovation to deal with a changing landscape (introduction of GBR)
  • Automate and digitise a lot of manual processes (digital twinning)
  • Join up legacy tech to improve operational efficiency and CX

How can Liberty Platform help?

  • Enable innovation at speed. Allow teams to move faster and operate more effectively.
  • Reduce cost – develop and deploy applications rapidly. In weeks not months.
  • Scalability empowers you to tackle multiple challenges quickly.
  • Address functionality gaps between existing systems. Powerful integration means apps are no longer built in functional silos.
  • Unite your teams and work with IT. Collaborate to build the solutions you need.

Accelerate your digital initiatives – 6 examples to get you started…

Our Liberty Platform helps you accelerate change with an agile approach and multifunctional teams who co-create.
You take control of your transformation — and empower departments to bring great minds together.
Then use easy integration to harness legacy infrastructure, simply and quickly.

#1 Request/ Job Management
Requesting and tracking jobs can be messy.

Navigating multiple disconnected systems causes reliance on spreadsheets, fiddly manual processes and constant re-keying of data.

With Liberty Platform, you create processes uniquely suited to your needs. Then iterate and refine as often as you need to.
#2 Unify Contact Channels
More channels should be a good thing for customers and your business.

With Liberty Platform, you bring all channels together in one centralised platform – letting data flow seamlessly between systems.

Boost operational efficiency and agent productivity, reduce costs and improve customer experience.
Group of team workers studying paper documents
Call centre worker taking a customer call.
#3 Virtual Inspection
Engineering and maintenance site visits are costly and gathering inspection data can be challenging. Virtual inspections are a fast, effective way to carry out inspection tasks, with photographic evidence to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Liberty Platform ensures everyone is in the know, as and when needed.
#4 Seamless Complaint Handling
Any customer or user making a complaint wants to be able to submit their case, receive immediate acknowledgement and get a swift resolution.

With Liberty Platform, you can create and automation purpose-built processes – keeping complainants in the loop with progress updates.
Site inspectors checking building plans
Lady using laptop to get the information she needs
#5 Manage Contractor Works
Maintaining visibility of activities, while managing compliance, can involve multiple systems. And that can be a complex and time-consuming business.

With Liberty Platform, slick and seamless processes can be built, automated and rapidly adapted as circumstances require.
#6 Transform Digital Delivery
Traditional software delivery is complex, can take a long time and can be expensive. There’s also an ever-growing queue of changes to keep up with business needs.

Liberty Platform unites business and IT, accelerating digital initiatives and fostering collaboration.
Worker analysing plan machinery
Team planning out their projects with a white board.

Liberty Platform Features at a glance

  • Improve decision making with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Gain richer insights into data and make better business decisions.
  • Integration means you keep the tools you rely on. There’s no need to leave our platform to get the data you need. Integrate current apps with generic REST and SOAP APIs.
  • Microsoft Teams to boost productivity. Combine MS Teams and Netcall Liberty to optimise efficiency and improve customer experience performance.
  • AppShare for Crowdsourced ideas. Advance your customer experience with pre-made solutions built by our customers.

Platform security and governance

  • Security and governance control
  • GDPR built in from inception
  • Delivered in AWS Public Cloud
  • Operational resilience

The Liberty Platform Advantage

Building a great customer experience is hard. It depends heavily on the people, processes and technology —
working behind the scenes to deliver a frictionless experience every time.

Our Liberty Platform lets you make huge transformational changes, fast.
So processes and customer experience are transformed.
Radically, organically and rapidly.

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